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The Need for a Co-ordinated Counter Virus Strategy

It’s been over a year now since COVID-19 became a major issue and forced business leaders to take drastic action....

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Shrinking the Space: Small Steps for Covid Control

As workplaces re-open their doors after a year of uncertainty, drawing up an actionable post-COVID-19 gameplan can...

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How to Integrate HR and Tech for Best Practice

In the face of COVID-19, Human Resources departments have been met with the biggest workforce coordination challenge...

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334 businesses slapped with COVID-19 health, safety orders: WorkSafe BC.

One of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy during COVID-19 is also the one struggling the most with re-starting...

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How to Responsibly Deploy Health Screening Technology

In the drive to reopen workplaces, there has been a visible uptick in new workplace safety efforts. Chief among...

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First Line of Defence: A Tactical Guide to Workplace Safety

As stores and factories open their doors after a year of unprecedented disruptions, workplace safety has become a...

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